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MARL Hiking Backpack

  • Weight: 904g
  • Dimension: 43L(torso R and L) / 40L(torso S)
  • Size:
  • Material: XPAC VX21, VX42 (bottom panel)
  • Color:
  • Regular Price: NT$7980
  • Quantity:

MARL is a 42 liter ultralight hiking backpack using high-end material X-Pac VX21 (VX42 for bottom panel). MARL is suitable for all kind of hiking trips with a roll top closure design and a two-track ventilated back suspension system, providing comfortable carrying experience.

• Comfortable Two-Track ventilated suspension system
• Shoulder straps connect all the way to the whole back creating a ventilated back panel and providing basic support for frameless mode by a weight saving way.
• 2 vertical and 1 lateral aluminum stays can be inserted to stay in the same piece of back panel adding the stability of the suspension system by a weight saving way.  (Users are suggested to re-shape the stays to fit their figure before usage)
• 2 long daisy chains
• Removable sternum strap
• Removable hip belt, with two pockets on the belt
  (no pockets for XS waist size due to the length of the belt)

• Main compartment is 42L (39L for torso S and 47L for torso XL) , with additional 3 mesh pockets on the outside
• Roll-top closure, two side compression straps and one top compression strap to compress the volume
• Bottom seam bound with wide and stiff webbing to reduce water seeping in from lateral seams
• The bottom seam binding make this pack easily stand on the ground

Backpack Spec
• Top circumference: 36.5" / Bottom circumference: 34"
• Height Fully Unrolled: 35.5" (33.5” for torso S)
• Torsos size:  Small(S): 15”~17” / Regular(R): 17~19" / Large(L): 19”~21" /  Extra Large(XL): 21"~24"
  For Extra Large (XL) size,  the volume is about 5~6 liter larger.

Hipbelt  Spec
• Extra Small (XS): 23”~27” / Small (S): 27”~31" / Medium (M): 31”~35" /  Large (L): 35”~39"
  For Extra Small (XS) size, there is no pockets on the belt due to the length of the belt.

• Total volume: 43.2L (Areas not fully enclosed such as front and side mesh pockets are not included)
• Main body: 42L
• Hip belt zipper pockets: 1.2L

• Frameless mode (includes hipbelt and sternum strap): 904g (torso R+ hipbelt S); 830g (torso S + hipbelt XS)  
• Vertical aluminum stays: 114g (104g for torso S)
• Lateral aluminum stay: 31g

Suggested limit of comfortable carrying capacity
• 20kg
Accessories in the package: 

• Removable hip belt
• Removable Sternum Strap
• Aluminum stays*3
• Bungee loop*2/  String Loop*2 


MARL is a 42 Liter ultralight hiking backpack using high-end material X-Pac VX21 (VX42 for bottom panel). The main compartment is 42L (39L for torso S, and 47L for torso XL) and there are additional 3 mesh pockets on the outside. With the roll top closure, two side compression straps, and one top compression strap, it is easy to adjust the packing volume of MARL to suit all types of trips.


The roll top closure also increases the ability of weatherproofness.

The front big mesh pocket provides an easy access space for storing personal stuff. It is ideal for placing wet gear or raincoats. It would help dry your stuff at the same time keep your main compartment clean. There are two side pockets for water bottles or your maps.

Hip belt pockets in place for small snacks or small camera.

Two Daisy chains are on the front for clipping any gear.

MARL is built with comfortable Two-Track ventilated suspension system. We leverage the height difference of the shoulder straps on the back to increase the ability of ventilation.

This removable sternum strap helps with pack stability and has whistle feature for emergency signaling.

There is one top compression strap. It is possible to fasten a sleeping pad on the top.

MARL is shipped with two bungee loops and two string loops for attaching items such as trekking poles and tripod onto the daisy chain. Refer to this article to get information about how to use the cord kit. How to use cord kit

* More photos of MARL in use.