SURFACE Chest/Shoulder Bag


Color: gray-red


SURFACE is a multifuctional pack, adopting high-end material. It can be used as either an Urban Shoulder Pack itself or be attatched to backpacks as a chest pack. 

• Made from X-Pac VX21, a laminated fabric (200d nylon + black polyester x-ply at 22 + 0.25mil PET film +50d polyester taffeta backing) resulting in outstanding waterproofness and shearing strength for its weight.
•  YKK water resistant zipper to enhance the weatherproofness
• Adopt 2.5mm UHMWPE cord ((*UHMWPE, Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, is used to make strong, lightweight ropes and lines in a wide range of industries, including maritime, offshore, industrial, commercial fishing, yachting and angling. )
• Two inner pockets in the main compartment for small stuff
• Use the accessory shipped with SURFACE to make SURFACE a chest bag. 
   (Compatible with most backpacks, not only all HANCHOR backpacks.)


Accessories in the package: 
• accessory buckles*2

SURFACE in use:
PCT Trail (Pacific Crest Trail) / Taiwan 

72.5g (including shoulder strap)
X-Pac VX21



SURFACE shipped with one shoulder strap + main pocket + 2 accessory buckles.


How to make SURFACE a chest pack ?
Step 1:
fix the cord of accessory buckles onto the buckle of shoulder straps.

Or fix the cord onto a bartack point on the shoulder strap to make the position of  the chest bag perfect.

Step 2 : remove the shoulder strap of SURFACE and clip SURFACE onto the accessory buckles.

These two simple steps makes SURFACE a chest pack. 
(Compatible with most backpacks, not only all HANCHOR backpacks)

SURFACE as shoulder packs.