F1 shoulder strap set




Compatible with many backpacks, this 3/4-inch F1 shoulder strap set rotates 360 degrees for a comfortable carrying experience.

• POM buckle and Nylon Strap
• Compatible with many kinds of packs
• The maximum length of the shoulder strap is 125cm


nylon strap

F1 shoulder strap rotates 360 degrees for a comfortable carrying experience and is available in 8 color options: black, red, gray, indigo, 
blue, wine red, olive, and sky blue


How to use the F1 strap

Step 1: Take out the ring buckle first, and then use the thin string on the buckle to tie a Girth Hitch Knot onto your pack.

Step 2: Attach the shoulder strap to the ring buckles using the hook. The shoulder strap is ready to use.



F1 shoulder strap set

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