Accessory shoulder strap set


Color: black


Accessory shoulder strap is compatiable with most kinds of bags.
  Made from X-Pac VX21, a laminated fabric (200d nylon + black polyester x-ply at 22 + 0.25mil PET film +50d polyester taffeta backing) resulting in outstanding waterproofness and shearing strength for its weight.
  2.5mm UHMWPE cord (*UHMWPE, Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, is used to make strong, lightweight ropes and lines in a wide range of industries, including maritime, offshore, industrial, commercial fishing, yachting and angling. )
  Refer to the user instructions of SURFACE to make all kinds of bags/pockets as chest bags.

XPAC VX21 / 2.5mm UHMWPE cord

Accessory shoulder strap with SURFACE pack. 

Accessory shoulder strap is compatiable with many other kinds of packs. 

You could make it a head strap to help share the load of backpacks.


Accessory shoulder strap set

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