FLINT Modular Backpack Combo






FLINT COMBO includes:

FLINT modular backpack*1
SILT Hydration Backpack*1
SHALE Shoulder Bag*2
SHIELD Add-On Platform*1
TALC pocket*2

FLINT is a modular climbing backpack which can fit for most of the situations. It is built with high end materials and equipped with roll top closure and Two-Track ventilated suspension system. It can be transformed to many different types fitting user's habits or trips. FLINT provides you comfortable backpacking experience and give you a better way to organize your personal gears.

Features :
• Main fabric is X-Pac VX21, a laminated fabric (200d nylon + black polyester x-ply at 22 + 0.25mil PET film +50d polyester taffeta backing) resulting in outstanding waterproofness and shearing strength for its weight.
• Modular design: SILT Hydration Backpack , SHALE Shoulder Bag , and TALC pocket can be used to expand its volume to 59L.
• Roll-top closure and compression straps to compress the volume
• Comfortable Two-Track ventilated suspension system
• Built-in hydration port
• Buckles to hang water bladder
• 2 vertical and 1 lateral aluminum stays can be inserted to stay in the same piece of back panel adding the stability of the suspension system by weight saving way.  (Users are suggested to re-shape the stays to fit their figure before usage)
• The bottom seam binding make this pack easily stand on the ground
• Sides and top compression systems
• 2 long daisy chains
• Removable sternum strap
• Removable hip belt

Top circumference : 36.5" 
Bottom circumference : 34" 
Height Fully Unrolled : 35.5" (33.5” for torso S)

Torsos size
Regular (S): 15”~17”/ (R): 17~19"/ Large(L) : 19”~21"

Hipbelt  Spec
Small (S): 27”~31" /Medium (M): 31”~35" / Large (L): 35”~39"

Backpack (torso R + hip belt s) : 760g 
Vertical aluminum stays: 114g (104g for torso s)
Lateral aluminum stay: 31g


Main compartment 43L volume

Accessories in the package
* Removable hip belt
* Removable Sternum Strap
* Aluminum stays*3
* Bungee loop*2/ String Loop*2 

Suggested limit of comfortable carrying capacity

Modular accessories for further expansion and organization
SILT Hydration Backpack
SHALE Shoulder Bag
TALC Pocket
SHIELD Add-On Platform

760g (FLINT pack only)
43L (59L expanded capacity with accessories)
X-Pac VX21


FLINT is a modular design climbing backpack which can fit for most of the hiking trips.

A good compression system makes FLINT fit for one day or multi day trips.

Modular design: SILT Hydration Backpack and SHALE Shoulder Bag can be used to expand its volume to 59L.
Both SILT Hydration Backpack and SHALE Shoulder Bag can be used separately as functional packs.

SILT Hydration Backpack could be attached onto FLINT as a front pack or used as summit pack or daypack.

SHALE Shoulder Bag can also use as a waist pack.

TALC Pocket is compatiable with FLINT to organize small personal stuff. TALC Pocket is shipped with a shoulder strap to let you transform it to a shoulder bag.

SHIELD Add-On Platform is a multifunctional platform which allows users to attach gears, such as sleeping pad, ice axe, crampons, snowboard, tripod, etc...


Designed with lightweight and carry comfort in mind, FLINT weighs only 760g (not include removable aluminum stays).

Shoulder straps connect all the way to the back creating a ventilated back panel and providing basic support for frame less mode by weight saving way.  2 vertical and 1 lateral aluminum stays can be inserted to stay in the same piece of back panel adding the stability of the suspension system by weight saving way. 

Comfortable Two-Track ventilated suspension system

Bottom seam bound with wide and stiff webbing to reduce water seeping in from lateral seams.

Removable sternum strap helps with pack stability. Whistle feature for emergency signaling.

Removable waist belt with gear loop on the sides. TALC Pocket can be attached to the belt as pockets.

Buckles to hang water bladder

Top compression strap can be used to fix sleeping pad. With two long daisy chains on the front, it is also possible to fasten trekking poles onto FLINT.

Roll-top closure and waterproof fabric make FLINT better dealing with unpredictable weather conditions.





FLINT Modular Backpack Combo

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