Forest trail Hiking Socks -black - Snow mountain contour line





Series "Forest Trail" socks combine the impression of Taiwan high Mountains and display with their contour line patterns. Adopting Merino Wool fibers as main materials, this provides dry and comfortable wearing experience. 

• HANCHOR NOZZLE QUIZ limited version
• Blending Taiwan mountains impression into contour line patterns
• Two size options:  M for foot length 23.5cm~25.5cm /  L for foot length 26cm~29cm
• Adopting Merino wool® fibers, providing features of Temperature-Regulating and Moisture-Wicking
• Mixing Skinlife®、Lycra® fibers, enhancing the abilities of antibiosis, anti-odor
• Left and right foot design. No seam on tiptoe. Stress-relief structure
• Comfortable texture


*  Placing socks in mesh laundry bags before maschine wash 
*  Avoid using fabric softener


35g/ one foot
Size: M for foot length 23.5cm~25.5cm / Size: L for foot length 26cm~29cm
Merino wool/Lycra /Skinlife / Nylon

Black contour line is part of the Forest trail Hiking Socks. There are two sizes, M for foot length 23.5~25.5cm, and L for foot length 26~29cm.


Series "Forest Trail" is a professional trek sock specially made for subtropical regions. The concept combines Taiwan's mountain environment and image, displaying with high mountain contour lines.
The material of the socks is made of high-quality Merino wool which provides dry and comfortable support. There are four color options: Glen Green/ Hill Gray/Peak Black/ Gorge Blue.

Exclusive solution for subtropical mountain environment

 "Forest Trail" trek socks are specially made for subtropical regions. Focusing on temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking ability, "Forest Trail" series can give you dry and comfortable fit.

Stress-relief structure
 "Forest Trail" trek socks have no seam on tiptoe and are built with ring structures to release the stress. This design makes it more comfortable while marching on trails. Also, there are left and right foot design, which makes it fit better than ordinary socks.

Merino wool® 
Adopting Merino wool from Australia.  After superwash handling and softening the wool, the selected texture is finer and comfortable. Merino wool is famous for its ability of temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking. It is also very breathable and antibacterial which prevents unwanted odor and make your foot dry.


Black - Snow moutain contour line-  58% Merino wool®, 33% Nylon, 7% Skinlife®, 2% Lycra®

Made in TAIWAN

* Best fit for foot length 23c.5m~29cm : Size: M 23.5cm~25.5cm/ Size: L 26cm~29cm
* Placing socks in mesh laundry bags before maschin wash
* Avoid using fabric softener 


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Forest Trail in USE: Click HERE


Forest trail Hiking Socks -black - Snow mountain contour line

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