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Silky Chalkbag is developed with a luxuriously patterned silk blend. It is comfortable to use and eye-catching with its special shine. This time, differs from traditional way, HANCHOR launches four different sizes at a time. An easy to use size chart allows climbers to easily find the right Silky for their hand size.

* Four diffirent sizes- Regular (R) / Small (S) / Extra Samll (XS) /Tiny (Tiny).  Climbers can choose different sizes according to their climbing habbits
* Luxurious silk blend fabric woven into beautiful classical patterns
Premium build quality with reinforced stitching at key areas
* Elastic brush holder 
* Soft fleece lining to hold chalk
No more Chalk leaks with TPU laminated closure
* Waistbelt included 


diameter 3.75"/4.25"/4.75"/5.25" Tall 4"/5"/6"/7"
rayon/ silk/ polyester / nylon

Colors from left to right- Red/ Pink/ Brown/ Black/ White

Silk fabrics have been used to make luxury products for thousands of years. HANCHOR has used a luxuriously patterned silk blend to build a brand new product- Silky. WIth it's soft touch and unique classical patterns, this chalk bag provides not only a functional chalkbag but also a stylish accessory. The fisrt batch has 5 colors- Red/ Pink/ Brown/ Black/ White

This time, we create four sizes for silky, and provide an easy to use size chart to let climbers find their best fit.
To find out your Silky size, measure your palm length (in inches) from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your hand.

* The chart is only for reference and climbers can choose based on their climbing habbits

Silky Size  (inches)  Chalk bag- Diameter Chalk bag- Depth   Length of Palm  
Regular (R ) 5.25" 7" 6.5"~8.5"
Small (S) 4.75" 6" 5.5"~7.5"
Extra Small (XS) 4.25" 5" 4.5"~6.5"
Tiny (Tiny) 3.75" 4" 3.5"~5.5"

Premium build quality with reinforced stitching at key areas.

Brush Holders at both sides of Silky.


SILKY Chalk Bag

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