Balloon SUL Chalk Bag


Color: white


The World's Lightest Chalkbag - Balloon, weighs only 17.2g!
Adopting CTF3 (Cuben Fiber 18g/m2) and UHMWPE cord as major materials.
This chalkbag is just too light to be any burden for climbers.

* Adopt CTF3 (Cuben Fiber 18g/m2) as major fabric. CTF3(Cuben Fiber 18g/m2) is high-end ultralight material for the outdoor industry. It is waterproof with high strength and tear resistance
* Adopt 1.2mm UHMWPE cord as the drawstring
* Reinforced stitching around the drawstring closure device
* Fleece liner holds and distributes chalk evenly
* Fleece laminated with TPU to prevent chalk being trapped between fleece and main fabric

* Balloon chalkbag itself weighs only 17.2g and is about one fifth weight of general commercial chalkbags.
* Besides using waist belt, you may also use a random string to tie Balloon on your waist or a carabiner to clip Balloon on your harness.


Accessories in the package: 
* Waist belt (around 7.1g)- Built with 2.5mm UHMWPE fiber. A great balance between light and strong.


13.3cm diameter, 17.8cm height


The World's Lightest Chalkbag- Balloon, weighs only 17.2 g!


HANCHOR super ultra light chalk bag

HANCHOR super ultra light chalk bag

super ultra light chalk bag



Balloon SUL Chalk Bag

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I'm back on the Hanchor site to purchase another Balloon. This chalk bag has lasted me right around 4 years and only now is the rim starting to tear through the fabric. Impossibly light, its like throwing chalk in a plastic grocery bag and just about as stylish, but man does it do a good job and its often a great conversation starter. Highly recommend.



thanks for sharing:)