Tilted zipper stuff sack- S




With one-piece fabric cut and pleated construction, Tilted zipper stuff sacks are built for collecting many small items together. Available in three different sizes and volumes, Tilted zipper stuff sacks are convenient for all sorts of uses.

• Adopt 100D Nylon PC Coating ripstop fabric (waterproofness 1500 mmH2O, Hydrolysis, and Scrubbing resistant)
• YKK water-resistant zipper to enhance the weatherproofness
• One piece fabric with pleated construction. Easy to store flat.
• With one handle and two-sides reflective webbing loops to help with zipping up and unzip the sack
• Available in three sizes L/M/S. Easy to store all sorts of stuff in different volumes.

100D Nylon PC Coating ripstop fabric (water proofness1500 mmH2O , Hydrolysis and Scrubbing resistant)

Built for storing personal items in your pack. Help you pack systematically.

Tilted zipper stuff sacks are available in three different sizes- L/M/S. Fit most of your personal items and help you organize your backpack.

One-piece fabric cut makes the tilted zipper stuff sacks easy to be stored flat. 

You could even roll the stuff sack up to fit in small spaces in your backpack. 

Constructed with one handle and reflective webbing loops on two sides, this is to help zip up and unzip the sack.


Product in use: 

Tilted zipper stuff sack- S is around the size of cosmetic bags, suitable for smaller gear such as a headlamp, a water filter, a portable charge, or first aid items.

Tilted zipper stuff sack- M is suitable to contain your cookware like the cookset, dry food, or instant noodles. It's convenient to pack all related stuff together.

Tilted zipper stuff sack- L is perfect for packing your down or spare clothes. With spare clothes inside, it is also good to be used as a pillow at night.





Tilted zipper stuff sack- S

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