MountFood dried meal pouches




MountFood dried meals are all made in Taiwan. It's lightweight, portable, and locally sourced. They are perfect for hiking, camping, and backpacking adventures. 

•   Lightweight and portable. Just add boil water to the pouch and you're ready to go in 15 minutes.
•   Premium, all-natural freeze-dried ingredients
•   Many flavors in option, also available in Vegan
•   Locally Sourced Food. Free of artificial flavors and preservatives
•   All flavors in stock

Flavor options : 
beef stew rice/ chicken mushroom rice/ shrimp mushroom rice/ vegan curry rice/ scallop mushroom noodles/ pork tomato noodles/ vegan pork curry rice


Rice 130g/ Noodles 120g
Nutrition facts and ingredients displayed in content




紅燒牛肉飯  Beef stew rice




蒜味香菇雞飯 Chicken mushroom rice


起司蝦仁菇菇飯 shrimp mushroom rice

彩椒咖哩飯 (純素)  vegan curry rice

白醬干貝鮮菇義麵  Scallop mushroom noodles

番茄豬肉義式湯麵 pork tomato noodles



新豬肉椰香咖哩/vegan pork curry rice
**ovo-lacto vegetarian



MountFood dried meal pouches

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