Usage guide for Breccia travel backpack


Breccia is designed with the traveler needs in mind. Here is a guide for its modular expansion function and other usage tips to help you make Breccia a best suit for all your journeys.


Modular Design
Different trips have different needs. With modular accessories, Breccia lets you carry what you need for your trip and nothing more, whether it’s more space for gear, a detachable daypack, or protection for your notebook.
(CLAST daypackMultifunction OrganizerSide PocketLaptop Case)

Multifunction Organizer:
Fasten your organizer on the inner back of Breccia. 

Laptop case x Multifuction Organizer
If you have Laptop case, you could fasten your organizer on laptop case first.

When you put your laptop case in the inner pocket, you could let organizer stay outside of the pocket for easy accessing your stuff. 

Side Pocket
1. Insert the smaller buckle of side pocket into the bigger square buckle on Breccia.  There are 4 of them in total. This way you would fix the top and bottom part of the side pocket on Breccia.

2. Use the hook buckle on the back of side pocket to clip on the daisy chain on Breccia to help the side pocket being more stable while traveling.

You could set the zipper close to your body or the opposite side according to your usage habits.

1. Tuck the thin shoulder strap into the two pockets on the back of CLAST.

2. Insert the smaller buckle on CLAST into the larger square buckle on Breccia. There are 4 of them in total.
This way you would fix the top and bottom part of the CLAST on Breccia

3. Clip the four side buckles on the daisy chain of Breccia, this way you could perfectly attach CLAST to Breccia!

Removable backpad :
1. Loosen the loadlifter strap on the top of the back of Breccia

2. Open the Velcro pocket

3. Insert or take out the Mpad for usage
PS. The Mpad can be unfolded and to be used as sleeping pad while hiking.

Convert from a backpack to a duffle :
1.    Unclip the waist belt buckle and stow away the waist belts.

2.    Release the connection on the bottom of shoulder straps and stow away the shoulder straps.


3.    Unclip the compression strap of Breccia’s panel loading opening. Loosen the strap to the longest length.
4.    Cross cilp the compression straps as an “X” shape (please refer to the photo)

5.    Get the handle cover from the side handle. Wrap the compression straps in the middle of the “X” shape.

6.    You now can use Breccia as a duffle.
(The shoulder straps and waist belts are with thick foam padding, making this travel backpack comfortable to wear. However, please be careful not to fold or press hard on the pad for a long time. This might make the pad twisting or deforming.)