HANCHOR COBBLE Frame system introduction


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COBBLE pack shipped with a "M" shaped folded backpad and four aluminum pack stays which form the  figure "#" frame system. 
This # frame system is designed to fit different kinds of back shapes and ensure the optimal comfort of carrying experience .
Here shares the detail guide of how to adjust your COBBLE to fit your specific needs.

The four aluminum stays including two long stays for vertical support, and two short stays(inside velcro sleeves) for lateral support. Firstly, you can easily bend the aluminum stays according to your back curve. For the two lateral stays, normally the curve is steeper around the waist
HANCHOR ships COBBLE with bended stays. After several uses, the shape of the stay will also fine tune itself and close the gap between user's back and backpack.

Second, fasten the horizontal stays. Fix both ends first and then push the middle part to make it snugly match.

(Tips: Get your backpack inside out to make this step easier!)

Third, turn your backpack over to the front side and place the vertical aluminum stays. 

*Our pictures show an inside out status only to make the visibility clearer. 
Please turn over your backpack to front side at this step.

There are upper, middle, and lower sleeves made of light grey webbing for vertical stays to insert. 

Pass the vertical stays through middle sleeves over the horizontal ones first. 

*Make sure vertical stays are over lateral stays

pull the end of  the webbing to help aiming the lower sleeves of the stays.

*Make sure the ends of stays stay in the lower sleeves. 

Put the M-shaped folded back pad,

* Because of the bended lateral stays, it may be a bit difficult to put the pad into the pocket. Just put your hand in the pocket to help pulling the pad down to the bottom.

Place upper ends of vertical stays into the upper sleeves on the lid and then close up the pocket.

Last, close the lid.

* When closing the lid, insert the upper ends of the stays as deep as possible to make the stays tightly enclosed in the sleeves. 

Finally, The Figure "#" frame system is now complete!

COBBLE is a backpack with removable internal frame backpack. With its "#" frame system, you can carry more than 23kg with comfort.
Besides, t
his frame system is flexible meaning that users can choose to remove any part of the "#" frame system to suit their need.
For example,
1) You may only need Mpad to support the frame if you usually 
carry less than 18kg.
2) You may also choose to remove all the "#" frame system to make it a frameless backpack. Then you can roll a HANCHOR
 SUL sleeping pad inside the backpack to form a vertual frame.
However, if you choose not to use the whole # frame system, it requires better packing skill to assure your comfort carrying experience.

If there's any further question for COBBLE, please email to info@hanchor.com, we are happy to answer or discuss with you.