Accessories for HANCHOR COBBLE



COBBLE is our light weight backpack with unique #-shaped frame system . It weighs only 750g (without removable back pad/frame) to 1100g (with full #-shaped frame system), but can load more than 23kg and assure you superior carrying experiences simultaneously. Lightweight backpacks are not new to the market, but lots of backpacks with similar weight as COBBLE which is claimed as ultralight are built with thin shoulderpad, hipbelt and  flimsy frame to make it lighter. Not like the main stream light weight backpack, COBBLE promise you a comfort carrying experience. COBBLE was strengthened from overall frame system to shoulder pad and hipbelt. We adopt tough 420D CORDURA as its main fabric to ensure its durability.  With simple design and well construction, COBBLE  become a light but durable and comfortable backpack which outstands from products in the current market. We can proudly say that you can hardly find a backpack with similar weight can provide same comfort carry capacity as COBBLE. 

GRANULE and RIPPLE are designed to extend COBBLE's functions and make it better suits people's using habits.
Here shares the guide of setting up GRANULE and RIPPLE with COBBLE.

RIPPLE is shipped with two small components, and this first one attach RIPPLE to COBBLE to be its lid.

Unlock the side release bukle in this component, fasten the strap through the triglide on both sides of COBBLE's back. 

Clip Ripple on the tools so that you can make RIPPLE a lid of COBBLE.

You can also make RIPPLE a shoulder/belt pack by releasing the webbing of both sides.

The second component can be attached to the webbing on the shoulder strap and make RIPPLE as a chest bag.

Put  shoulder strap webbing into the slotted square rings and connect RIPPLE with side release buckles. 

You may now hang it in front of your chest. This allows you to easily access small stuff such as candies or camera while hiking.

GRANULE  is a simple belt pocket, offering you extra room for your personal items on the trail.

GRANULE is shipped with a shoulder strap. Hook the shoulder strap on both side of GRANULE to make it a small shoulder bag.
(Tips: Make sure the gate of the hook face outward. The hook buckle might  have slight chance to unclip if the hook gate is toward the bag body)

You can also attach GRANULE to a COBBLE's webbing on the belt or even to your waistband to make it a belt pack.