Breccia Travel Backpack


Color: Khaki



With carry on size, weatherproof construction, modular expansion, and featuring both front access and top loading, Breccia is designed to help you travel better.​

• ​Front Access to your things with Panel Loading 
• 45L capacity lets you carry everything you need while fulfilling carry on requirements 
• Full-fledged backpack suspension system with load lifters 
• Duffel style carry with sturdy top and side handles 
• Hide-away backpack straps and hipbelt
• Anti-theft pocket for passport, cash and valuables. 
CLAST daypack attachment. 
• Modular accessories for further expansion and organization.
   ( CLAST daypackMultifunction OrganizerSide PocketLaptop Case)
• Lightweight hiking pack under 3lbs
• Removable frame pad unfolds into a half-size sleeping pad
• Full-fledged hiking suspension with load lifters 
• Rugged and weatherproof with 500D Cordura and
YKK water resistant zippers
• Compression gear straps on front for attaching sleeping bags, pads or hiking gear 
• Daisy chains on front for attaching nalgene bottles and small gear 
• 66L Expanded capacity with CLAST daypack and side attachments

   Made of origin : Vietnam

Total: 1284g
Backpack(includes sternum strap): 1042g
Back pad: 128g
Aluminum stays(2 pcs): 114g
45 liters
Cordura 500d with PC coating for army usage (water proofness 5000mmH2O , Hydrolysis and Scrubbing resistant)

2018 Update

2018 New Breccia 
✔ Adopt 500D CORDURA for Main fabric
✔ Adopt 100D Olive Gray nylon for lining
✔ New Color “Khaki” on shelf
✔ Main fabric upgraded to PC coating for army usage (
water resistant 5000mmH2O , Hydrolysis and Scrubbing resistant)
✔ Add one side pocket for bottle or umbrella
✔ Buckles change


* New Side pocket design. For bottles or umbrellas.


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When it comes to travel, there’s no good all-around bag. Suitcases let you pack everything you need and more but are a pain to lug around. Hiking backpacks let you carry the essentials comfortably but their meshy, strappy designs don’t suit airports or urban environments and make them difficult to check. Duffel bags fit in better and can be checked in easily, but are awkward to carry around a city.

Without an ideal existing solution, HANCHOR has made Breccia, the ultimate travel backpack.

In nature, Breccia is a sedimentary rock formed from water moving over the Earth, mirroring the movements of travelers exploring, trying new experiences and leaving their mark on the world. Breccia is made to help these travellers on their journeys and explorations.

With carry on size, weatherproof construction, modular expansion, and featuring both front access and top loading, Breccia is designed to help you travel better.

Breccia is designed with traveler’s needs in mind: Maximum carrying capacity while fulfilling carry on requirements, sturdy top and side handles for duffle bag style carry, Clast daypack attachment, pack-away straps, and a lightweight outdoor-capable suspension system that lets you carry all your luggage comfortably.

Modular Expansion and Organization

Different trips have different needs. WIth modular accessories Breccia lets you carry what you need for your trip and nothing more, whether it’s more space for gear, a detachable daypack, or protection for your notebook.
(CLAST daypackMultifunction OrganizerSide PocketLaptop Case)

Clast attaches for added carrying capacity to your destination, and detaches for a simple and light daypack to carry around town.

For even more capacity, use both Clast Daypack and side pocket attachments for an additional 21L and total pack volume of 66L.
                                             MODULAR ACCESSORIES
* CLAST Day Pack (11L)                             * Side Pocket (5L each)
* Multifuction Organizer                            * Laptop Case

Backpack or Duffel Bag Carry

Bumping into people on the bus or train with your backpack? Hide-away the straps and carry it like a duffel bag.

*** A new carabiner design after Dec, 2016 , which allows quicker and more efficient hide-away function.

High Capacity Carry-On

Checking and waiting for baggage is huge pain. Breccia Travel Pack give you maximum carrying capacity while fulfilling airline carry-on requirements. Breeze through airports while carrying everything you need for your trip. No more waiting in line to check your suitcases or standing around at the baggage carousel waiting for your bags to arrive -- if they arrive at all!

Breccia’s only fixed size is the 24x55cm frame making it easy to meet all airline requirements including the new stricter 2014 guidelines from American, Delta and United Airlines. The sturdy softshell construction means you can even slightly overstuff the pack and fulfill carry-on size requirements as long as the contents are compressible

A hiking-pack frame with load lifters means comfortable carrying of a full size load, allowing you to navigate stairs and cobbled streets with ease. And if you do still want to check your Breccia, the straps and hipbelt can be packed away, turning it into a sturdy, duffel-style travel bag.

Front and Top Access to Your Stuff

Normal hiking packs aren’t designed for travel. Their top opening design makes it hard to access anything not at the very top of the bag. There’s little organization and your stuff often ends up a jumbled mess.

A top loading zipper lets you drop things in like a hiking backpack as well and pack things down for maximum space utilization. With Breccia’s dual front and top access - you get the best of both worlds.

Anti-Theft Pocket

Keep your passport, cash, and valuables safe with a hidden anti-theft pocket. Camouflaged and positioned where Breccia meets your back, the pocket is completely inaccessible when worn to keep your valuables safe, yet easy for you to access when you take the bag off.

Mesh Organizing Pockets

When traveling you often end up with a million small things that you can never find when you need. Breccia has 3 large mesh interior pockets to help you organize these small to medium sized items yet keep them visible and easy to find in a pinch.

Large mesh pockets line both inside side panels let you neatly store numerous small to medium sized items like socks, hats, or toiletries and see them at a glance.

A mesh pocket in the top compartment is easy to access and keeps small items organized.

A hidden key pocket in the top compartment behind the HANCHOR logo stores your keys safely out of sight and out of reach until you need them.


Quick Access Compartment  

By pulling an inner drawstring, a compartment is created at the top of the bag, giving you quick access to travel essentials. The generous space lets you store anything from water bottles to a sweater, or even down jacket, while keeping it separate from the main panel loading compartment.

Breccia is made for adventure travel. Constructed with abrasion resistant 420D Cordura, and it’s rugged enough to take out on the trail yet weighs under three pounds. A hiking suspension system lets you carry all your equipment comfortably. Compression straps on front along with daisy chains lets you easily attach gear to the outside of the pack. Whether you’re tackling cobblestone streets or rocky ridgelines, Breccia is tough enough to handle the abuse and keep you comfortable on your journey.

Comfortable to Carry

Breccia features a full-fledged hiking suspension system. Aluminum stays and the lightweight yet firm M-Pad backpad provide structure and support. An adjustable padded hipbelt, load lifters, and sternum strap distribute the load to take weight off your shoulders and let you stay light on your feet even with a full pack.

Dual Purpose Backpad

Breccia’s foam backpad can be removed and unfolded into a simple half-size sleeping pad, or a picnic mat! This dual purpose design is lightweight and lets you cut down on the number of things you need to carry.

Rack Your Gear

Going climbing? Breccia's gear loops let you organize your equipment and keeps it near the center of the pack for better weight distribution.

Head Out, Rain or Shine

Whether traveling or hiking, you can’t always predict the weather. Breccia uses coated, abrasion resistant Cordura 420D nylon along with YKK water resistant zippers , for a bag that is rugged enough to deal with changing weather conditions.


Breccia Travel Backpack

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敬啟者:我尋找大背包已快兩年了,有次在背包客棧看到有人介紹此種背包,但是是黑色的。後來看到亞洲旅遊台的廖科溢先生有背一款藍色系的,想請問可以訂製大紅色的Breccia 背包嗎?然後兩側腰帶可以增加如MARBLE款腰帶兩側增加收納小物的拉鍊口袋(可裝緊急藥品)?背包體最下可以多加一層可裝鞋子及雨衣(溼衣物之類的)拉鍊層,如果CIAST隨身後背包(可以做比現在再宽一倍且是大紅色,是黑色也沒關係)+側袋擴充包也加大(可裝入睡袋般大)*2(是黑色也沒)。因為我在醫療單位工作,有機會至海外醫療義診時用(因為不能用旅行箱,所有裝備說裝就跑的功能)。如果可行我會要做一黑一紅兩個大包(請問這有背包遮雨套嗎?)。 我看到您們的簡介,是台灣一群年輕設計師的團隊,希望借助您們的創意能力幫我們打造心目中有其獨特性及功能性的背包(也許這也能讓您們開創另一種包款的商機)。



您好:不好意思目前我們此款式並沒有開放版型與顏色的客製,只能提供黑與淺卡其兩色,若是有更大容量的收納需求,MARBLE 包款也是不錯的選擇噢。






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Can I ship to South Korea? Please reply by email if possible



sure~ we ship worldwide.

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Sumi Su








For the Breccia Travel Backpack, beside black and Khaki, is there any other color available? And I found black is out of stock now, when will it be restocked? Thanks.



hello, Breccia is only available in two colors (black and Khaki) and the black one is out of stock. We will contact you via email once it's replenished again. Thanks.

Lino Loyau


Hey I had visited your store last month, and I saw a very nice Hiking products, i wanne buy. But I have a question, today I wanted to order it, but can not find the item anymore in your store. it looks like the first picture on this site Mail me if you are going to sell it again. I hope soon so that I can place an order. I'll wait. Yours sincerely

Jo D


Dear Hanchor, Hi, I am jo from south korea. I am very impressed by the practical design of this bag. It seems really useful when it comes to travel especially. And I think the size is quite fit for the Asians. I really would like to have one with the attachment(Clast backpack). I wonder if it is possible to deliver these products to south korea. And as I am a still student, my budget is quite limited. Could you possibly let me know if there is a way to get a discount? Sincerely, Jo