STEAM Summit pack


Color: olive


STEAM is designed to be a great minimalist summit pack. It is constructed with laminated fabrics- Cuben Fiber (CTF3), which is one of the lightest fabrics for its weight and strength. STEAM weighs only 45g but can be loaded up to 15L which is ideal for carrying all the necessities to a summit. STEAM is a pack that you can fold into a very small piece and store into small pockets.

* Adopt CTF3 (Cuben Fiber 50g/m2) as major fabric. CTF3(Cuben Fiber 50g/m2) is high-end ultralight material for the outdoor industry. It is waterproof with high strength and tear resistance
* Adopt 2.5 mm UHMWPE cord for the draw string closure/shoulder strap. An excellent crossover between toughness and lightweight.
* Leverage X-PC VX07 to reinforce stress points all over the pack.
VX07, a laminated fabric (X-Pac™ Ripstop Polyester+ Hydro State waterproof construction technology+ 70 denier nylon fabric face ) provides an balance of weight and durability.
* Removable lid upon the closure, enhancing the water repellancy
* Several different function in one pack - a summit pack, a drawstring daypack, a waterproof sitting ground sheet, a stuff sack in your backpack, and a pillow(with some clothes inside), etc...

CTF3/X-pac VX07

A rare drawstring pack using the premium outdoor gear material- Cuben Fiber (CTF3) as main fabric. The appearance of STEAM pack is like a piece of paper and it can easily be folded and stored anywhere. It can be used in several different ways- a summit pack, a stuff sack in your backpack, a pillow at night (put some clothes inside), or a waterproof sitting ground sheet.

STEAM weighs 45g and can carry up to 12L. It can contain all the basic gear for a summit. The draw string shoulder strap is using 2.5mm Dyneema cord which is lightweight but tough.


A removable lid on the closure which enhances the water repellancy. 


Appropriate reinforcement patch and stitching are used in key areas of the bag. The unusual texture of CTF3 provides STEAM an eye-catching appearance.





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